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1 Right of return

Users shall have a right of return in accordance with the enclosed instructions.

2 Prices and payment

Prices and all elements included in the price, e.g. postage and packing, supplements or tax [hereinafter "payment"] for each order shall be displayed to the customer on the Porsche Design Store Berlin's web pages before the order is placed. Possible payment methods shall be displayed to the customer in shoes uk store online shop. If a credit card payment, credit transfer, or direct debit is unpaid, revoked, or returned, the bank charges thereby incurred by the shall be payable by the customer.

3 Delivery

The shoes uk store shall make no delivery until payment has been received; it may take place in instalments as payments are received. The shoes uk store may, but shall not be obliged to, make partial deliveries if this is convenient for the customer.

4 Liability for damages/warranties

4.1. The following rules for the liability of the shoes uk store shall apply to all damages claims and potential liability irrespective of their legal basis [e.g. warranty, delay, impossibility, breach of duty, illicit conduct]. The rules in this clause shall not apply to claims

- for loss of life, personal injury or impaired health,
- for malicious concealment of a shortcoming or absence of a quality for which the shoes uk store has provided a guarantee,
- based on deliberate misconduct or gross negligence on the part of the Porsche Design Store Berlin or its statutory representatives, or on a serious organisational fault, or
- based on product liability law.

These exceptions shall remain subject to statutory stipulations.

4.2. In case of lesser negligence, shoes uk store shall be liable only for breach of cardinal obligations. Cardinal obligations are essential contractual obligations, breach of which endangers the purpose of the contract, and compliance with which the contractual partner is normally entitled to expect. If a cardinal obligation is breached, the liability of shoes uk store shall be limited to compensating the typical damage that was foreseeable by shoes uk store when the contract was made. Otherwise shoes uk store will accept no liability for lesser or simple negligence.

4.3. The liability of the shoes uk store for damage caused by gross negligence on the part of its agents shall be limited to compensating the typical damage that was foreseeable by the shoes uk store when the contract was made.

4.4. Otherwise the current statutory warranty claims and guarantees shall apply.

5 Reservation of title

Until full payment has been made, the goods shall remain the property of the shoes uk store Store. If payment is made by means of a payment order to a bank or financial institution, full payment shall not be deemed to have been made until an unconditional, non-returnable credit has been made into the account of the shoes uk store.

6 Offsetting and retention rights

The customer's right to offset shall apply only to undisputed or legally established receivables. The customer's right of retention shall be exercised only with regard to receivables arising from the same legal relationship.

7 Applicable law

The contract of sale shall be subject to German law. UN sales contract law [the CISG] shall not apply.